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FOX Business
Dec 8, 2013 12:00am EST
: but this bad science is pushed in video by talented people. >> with you do something in a narrative form or a recognizable actress with a clever theme as you have said that looks like a horror movie and it is very effective. the people that flash the environmental agenda have a tremendous resource with celebrities who are willing to do this kind of video. john: americc's biggest environmental success is tracking for natural gas. in a day reduced america's cardinal put my celebrities like john lennon's wife and son trash it is don't frack my mother then the crowd follows. >> they do. powerfully they sway natalie their followers like when george clooney stted off on global warming says something, it goes global. unlike the and on celebrities who cannot get the word out quite as effectively. they are a great power. john: james hirsen. by the way ed begley, jr. said he either does conservation from his coervative father it was wrong to waste any resource. wealso reached out to every actor about the hypocrisy but not one responded. hollywood makes millions selling stuff to us but at the same
FOX News
Dec 2, 2013 2:00am PST
to delete memories the science behind all of it. >> a teacher speaks up about how the female students were dressing. now she is under fire. did she go too far? hey brian. >> good morning. how is it going? is>> happy monday morning. we will try to keep the ball rolling. the coverage continues on the deadly train derailment four people killed over 60 injuries. we will have a live report. anna kooiman is there. the deadline to fix the problematic obamacare web site comes an goes this weekend. question again during the relaunch sent a shocking admission from the intelligence leader. the war on terror getting worse. we are live weighing in. donald trump is here and he is human. plus it's cyber monday. we have tips you need to save money on-line for all of your on-line buying. this is fox and friends we have a great show. [ male announcer ] they are a glowing example of what it means to be the best. and at this special time of year, they shine even brighter. come to the winter event and get the mercedes-benz you've always wished for, now for an exceptional price. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male
FOX News
Dec 3, 2013 11:00am PST
to 15-year-olds in the world's most developed country students trailing in science and math. americans failed to crack the top 20 in any category. this will spark new debate about the money we spend on education here in the u.s. >> autopsy results today in the tragic death of paul walker. they are quillare killed which they were driving hit a hpoll ad was burt tst into flames. >> show the love that you have shown paul. he could have stayed with me forever. thank you for coming down here and showing that angel up in heaven how much you appreciate him. >> fans have gathered at the site since the accident happened on saturday. he leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter. white house tries to shift the focus from disastrous website roll out. but is it really on the mend. a woman out walking her dog gets attacked by a bear. >> a woman has been mauled by a bear. hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo...hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo hoo. sir... i'll get it together i promise... heeheehee. jimmy: ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? ronny:i'd say happier than the pillsbury doughboy on his way
FOX News
Dec 6, 2013 11:00am PST
the legacy of be iing science. >> they are calling it cannibus. is this a bad idea. that we are going to have somebody covering pot and how people are using it. i don't think so. you have new laws in the state and they are going to have the "new york times" having an article about wine. they have to hire someone to cover conservatives. i'm guessing anybody who would read the den ver poever post wi ill. >> smoking pot causes manboobs there is a town in southern holland, that has -- >> is it? >> i've never been. but it is got a weed passport. it is trying to stop tourist hot spots. >> i don't know if america is ready or not for that. here is a question for the ladies out there. are you going to buy your guy personal products out there this year? men and women are spending 3.9 million dollars a year on eye cream. >> all right andy, what is your grooming routine. >> i basically roll out of bed check to see that everything is still working and say a quick prayer of thank as go on about my business. >> most people think shower shave, and deodorant. >> i like to dim the lights, get a hot bath and ex
Dec 2, 2013 5:30am PST
. but its findings in detail and anti science sequence on that ball in tight times. it all the tongue of me not far from the south west and china to its goal to set a box the ukrainian by police the protest as scientists told the president of the ending. welcome to cctv his army to me in that day. i was a prime minister said sexy models from opposition protest as on on the acceptable under the constitution in the ten devised a news conference from a state election what made it to add that she would not sta down as she appealed for an end to violence we want to have the findings are he said the appeal. and that i'm in the u n by and then the coffee the greenback be acted upon. read what is happening at the thought that i'd not thought to look into that now. the landscape studies find that in past wars the canon of opportunity but it's had thousands of protesters trying to seize government buildings mixed thai capital and protest lead acid ted talks of an impact says he won't seem not to step down and on the inactive people's console to see the new prominence to the health ministry says three
Dec 2, 2013 10:30am PST
sights along the city's out of me pink to push it in my tuna. my due date assume you mean it to science. a musical when the rice for students in the seat across from us the country where i've come from. we may be the least the seal on its axis the inlets. so when i was last long. it looked awful study links. on to win the race was also calm. i am not winning so that the wound you would think is nice to use and abuse of our house we get to those. they are very long time political nice well kept going and it is going to prepare me to great heights from a deep sleep. but why is the costliest may be lots of going in terms of investment how would these i would be to sue would call long distance phone to realize that all of them. so i went to go due to its peak hours i would do it once more in ensuring that remain is too who want it needs to be good to go hubby just isn't what you want. i did still sees this playlist this book which counts more people talking. i always get outs. our box east east peace that no one has spoken of by just one little yellow eyes that you don't want the secret war
Dec 3, 2013 5:30pm PST
it comes to the science is not on treating. the top of the costs of stevens and sung high tying a tiny government doesn't release results for the whole country. gemini schools than in belgium but about vietnam. and last month's kit including ten these results have improved considerably since the last piece of the pool it was published in two thousand gemini school is selling ban came as a cell. the reading skills of fifteen year old was found to be well then add the global operates children for migrant and for a social backgrounds placenta be at a particular disadvantage the study treated to a series of educational conferences in gemini and one of the country's federal states introduced reforms the latest results and that there's been some improvement among children from socially disadvantaged families. but critics say the system still leaves too many behind. still commutes between dusk and children only go to school for a day with you one of the main areas the anti reform in the german school system the children went to school for the whole day there were no longer to learn the more t
Dec 4, 2013 4:30am PST
documentary said reports covers business and science culture and education historical and present day events as well as sports and leisure. in focus saturdays and sundays at four thirty pm wind nm. ukrainian protests to school for strikes and the case well the president visits china leaving the turmoil behind. the truce on the streets of bangkok as top that says that the king's best day but the opposition about the protests will resume. french forensic scientists claim the asset arafat was killed
Dec 4, 2013 1:00pm PST
practices. cork. connor's house. science was just stuart weekly little post to see if they can be sure to post it here for most of the separatists. you know amazing stage yesterday right after i read that until the day cameras record the journey this morning to find out what you think it's like to have to say. long live our own. we did a little more. the new generation beyond me. in seventeen fifty sixty or so in the sixties that these feelings out. on that name. to see people haven't seen him on hold. it keeps me on the nc twenty eight you might get sent the surveyed support. was it to the present institute presents. i think it's in the gym. it's you know me as i need so much information the victory and get some things in the studio. you can see people having the time so in command to be with women. secondly why not nominate for the sale. that or thailand accounts. and there would be a step family would be great. it's a blessing in your mind should be to get sleepy. he still has yet said it's a couple moments of our so called flight school. it's a debate when it comes as some people a
Dec 4, 2013 1:30pm PST
indictment of the twenty eleven study published in the puritan era science that team led by tcc your scientists professor john kline found that my suitcase more comfort foods we are to get the best things i see distressed situations the hunger war mongering that it is today. i might get more stressed the pursuit of the palm on the north coast route to circulate i become when those mice that day the hour long ago the last to the idea company treats you know what's funny though i didn't think i was somewhat to the conference easter on and on into mexican read this i just thought i aced purity of the province. i mean i come from a handful of where bite from a very slight red lights out so it's a great cook he always cooks patio fabulous feasts an artist is known for its use by anyone needs for petty family that i see and if anything was going out as an excuse for tots coke and he still is his will through crusoe was like the fruit as it always flies at night such groups held on tight to fit snow white racist up traces of friends and only read it like you know i wouldn't treat a half or
Dec 4, 2013 8:00pm PST
science or one giant stamp. that's the question surrounding genetic testing company twenty three and me. see for ninety nine dollars twenty three in the center a personalized dna kit which allows customers to take a swab of their own saliva send the kid back to the company were tests are run to discover any genetic disorders and future health risks. the customer may have sounds pretty cool right five twenty three in me is to spend it with a class action lawsuit alleging the company's test results are bunk. but they're meaningless. not only about the lawsuit says that twenty three and is actually compiling their customers genetic information in a large databases eventually marketing head out of the scientists for research the company says it won't comment on legal matters though it has pulled its advertisements off there. and by the way the us state department sure knows how to party. turns out earlier this year in september just as the fiscal year was ending the state department spent about one hundred and eighty thousand dollars to stock up on alcohol in embassies around the world. it
Dec 5, 2013 5:30am PST
. this is the new needle intensive care unit at the service science regional medical center in football but most of the babies here were born premature. under normal circumstances he would be kept in incubators. not after typhoon high again. nurses here have had to improvise at the maternity ward mother's tender new words enter the heat. electricity itself. most of the day in most areas of the hospital but this is where many mothers in the fall but now come to deliver their babies the average number for the hospital has doubled this is the only fully operational hospital here in fl the city. even then it's probably not good enough shape to adequately serve the needs of its patients. a lot of its equipment and supplies were also added that mr walked away for the water search for meaning. that is empty the truth and nothing can cry from the company you might expect the many free seen. in texas this season many. he acted maniac in the spring of this piece is the most. but the single biggest health problem that emerging now has pneumonia according to the health department. the hospital has seen his
Dec 5, 2013 7:00am PST
and science believes that after the unification of regents will create knowledge and innovation centers instead of two of three small universities which will bring in fact in the next few years the official website of the cars the minister of labour and social security has published an official statement without increasing the size of the mostly calculation and bakes and the median wages for twenty fourteen according to seoul told ok said the draw for the twenty fourteen to twenty cc national budget suggests improving the minimum calculation and expect one thousand eight hundred and fifty two team gear and sending the wages of nineteen thousand nine hundred and sixty six to get chrome generate twenty fourteen sites celestial ounces is probably going to be the least number one and two the child both the loans monthly child care payments up to one's year special stage allowances paid in benefits should only increase the speakers. in addition to the sublime to intrude use the indexation of basic social disability benefits britain and death benefits basic social benefits for the retired ben
Dec 6, 2013 5:30am PST
that use that to come in the real issues. and that he himself was in on a science. we sat at a time for a proper reaching into two paintings so as president went on to nintendo has led to a pressie she didn't in any chinese people when the tough look that great contribution of nasa manned and all too well to the public's eyes off the two countries. thank you very much indeed nice to nuke waiting for my chinese ambassador to south africa now attending to ukraine now with intel is as handsome as maddie's the gangsta governments is killing us is still going on that now for what's happening on the ground in key outlet still too dark respondents which of the state has been falling situation but they say that i will reach out to protest isn't government have that sowed some polish was feeling laurie's of the situation is everything going peacefully on the streets. it is the protests the demonstration continues behind me in the wings this two of the ukraine the protesters say they are determined to continue despite the heavily implied threat of severe action from the prying eyes out of the
Dec 6, 2013 7:00am PST
of accession to the opening of the science lesson was on school nights eleven fifty a statement. they have dedicated their time and commitment towards the project and require minimal input from their teachers and students that she will take these projects to themselves and it seems that i did this i mean the only things i constantly keep having to maybe if i'm the least expected within days and the same intensity actual content i mean they actually did everything themselves. the drop in sessions to a successful behind the apartment thursday sessions that took a flop and friday i took it like finance advice and things that you've changed many people's perceptions of personal finance kind of opened their eyes to many ways to save them money. simple ideas which have helped them to think about the future. it helps to visit with old age of the guys will like. we need to wait for like a pretty sad that i confessed they see that face us how to conceive of it just helps if you don't like it. asked about the delivery of the show today and it seemed theres free money saving expensive achieve great t
Dec 6, 2013 11:00am PST
seven. windmill new since. i want my child recipients of this year's presidential science prize are activists in a car by accident functioning core in a virus expert and academia sneak a distinguished visiting fellow michael i and back an ex president who take it. that was t
Dec 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
math science and stuff the little kid. fourth grade. the range of studies becomes more comprehensive and include subjects such as computing sixth graders. home economics subjects like sony it is. when getting english language classes the hungry and teachers of help when the chips to inspections some subjects like music pupils leave the room into a special touch the music is tuned to a cooling you can tune into playing instruments and to sing. the he would choke people's needs and do craft projects. a lot of games ten seconds. but any content on youtube or what the body of a platoon of us sports meet lots of space a practice to do some sports. i know. sports the medium and small special equipment. done in the gym. periods. it's time for lunch. indeed most schools pupils will be newer and faster. st jude's kenya korea builds the gym and on the corman groups. joining a sports car has the solution is to make new friends. since each club will have members from when fourth to sixth grade. to greek cookery across. children really enjoyed the fact of existence are allowed to choose what most
Dec 6, 2013 8:00pm PST
's not rocket science scientifically but the problem is that happened and the scale of investment necessary. there have been a lot of studies like this one in the news where someone got a three thousand two hundred thousand dollars to try something out and it worked by twenty twenty ago now it takes several million dollars to actually take the steps to get something all the way to market right in the canteen and i had that money is for serenity the town's going forward. they understand that you are familiar with some other kinds of contraception and i have for males out there right now can you talk about a couple of those yet their compliment things that are much farther along than this one called the gentle next on the third inning that to the vast differences in mentioned in last ten or more years and is non hormonal potentially can readers based on a similar one called my son that was developed in india on when we know that doubt it because men have been using that safely for a number of years there's also a method similar to the one thing the press but developed a racially keith college
Dec 7, 2013 10:00am PST
reports covers business and science culture and education historical and present day events as well as sports and leisure. in focus saturdays and sundays at four thirty pm she has two huge. i do. this year the day. hang on. even though it's a win on sunday shiites who make it. these i was so dead. he grew. it is. six season. steve. during the cd all the guests among them the whole family all gathered for the nobel banquet. think about this on some sort of. if you see i don't don't. instead of making students. but it's all been that's the ticket. he has done in time we have concluded percent. it was fun to post the court in vietnam to stomach was going for him notice that some entity and a lot of books albeit a mom to avoidable. this disgusts them hooked up the severity of the decade. it's a late day some of the animated series but it's because morrison of the cia identity can be. you will want one will you. the us. he said. i think. walt runway and welcome you. after ten the world's largest fine dedicated to battling climate change opened right here in korea this week. want a separa
Dec 7, 2013 8:00pm PST
of trouble. well the opposition continues at the age of science and government buildings with a deadline set by the government to be out expiring on tuesday on the delegation support for the opposition comes despite ukraine's prime minister according to outside interference to stall on simple chinese lead a delegation of condemning what they describe as russian pressure on the piano the protest is not set once again talks sunday with a positional devices but that's one million people or one of the ukraine. what a sentence on the capital. joining the european lawmakers was former georgian president the coyote saakashvili. he also voiced his support for the anti government protests from the stage in central kiev. and this from the same man who ordered the brutal crackdown on opposition rallies in his own country just two years ago. this is how those who wanted saakashvili to resign were treated there. the rt spoke to political commentator alexander new cross off about the tendency of some eu politicians to stand side by side with ukrainian opposition. he says it's simply unacceptable. my estim
Dec 8, 2013 7:00am PST
a computer science school and dreams of opening up his only company. he's found his way here is determined to get back. most contain some good news for me it's been amazing experience first it was difficult to learn these things and then once you give yourself a chance. there's no reason for not working. according to latest figures fifty thousand new jobs will be available in digital industry in france by two thousand seventeen. mark evans joins me now in the cdo market didn't the springboard is the name of this particular project but then many other social initiatives around the country in what people are calling to me but it's right let me use one particular liking to camp called a simple sentiment which has beaten it was an incredible initiative taking place in more tied to the north of paris in a pan and add in the ninety third on nme which is to me historically viewed as being ready to be all and zach won a significant number of disenfranchised people. what event it is that's how it's being not just on this involves exist at medan the social demographics that vary on the represented i
Dec 9, 2013 7:00am PST
social sciences and the city is just a few station has attracted lots of listeners not just women but also men who take it in turns to dj at the sight of all of that and you can top of the savannah. at the time but you have any of those last sunday said it was this beautiful beach i've almost got. afghanistan is that it means to be the conservative society. the folders have got access to the gk the taleban have recently for some girls schools to close those women who do miss is to get on that in life have had to work hard for it that was of the condiment of the pack i did have a bobble on the day and for me smile against us. on the fact that i caught a fish right up to one such was the first. i don't check the sake of a contract with the time i make at evening's end of this the buffet that is good and the sunna. connell economy cannot buy the bottom section of the covenant and emotion love. you try getting more than just arrived. they're getting in each case. thanks to an initiative of the hebrew university of jerusalem and israel railways train passengers are treated to a lecture
Dec 9, 2013 10:30am PST
inequality. science and of government. second both his bike in the musical freedom of belief of what to do carlton. i'm sentimental reasons the media the government says the commission. moody's expects credit union the new sale a week. but then the inclined plane. going to need to let the religion of the fingerprints of oil. this is where the title. it's quite painful. through seven cents. i'm thinking the best interests. he delivered through to the employer. or it can serve them. he's making money. many nobly extensive quote is some kind of pity. so here's to a small and i are members of an eagle then retold. many students going that's the true reality of the jungle. catherine. i read on to this child break a few weeks for me is perfectly content ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. ch. i am just can't afford leaders account to your location or the triple j showed up the anti eu protests and bulgaria greece are hungry to urge people to leave the eu would join the population customs union. obviously the mainstream media would be artfire scream that this is part of the abuse of democracy th
Dec 2, 2013 5:00pm PST
on law science and history, tommy has all the rights of habeas corpus and deserves to be brought before a judge and released. tommy is owned by a couple in the small town. so far they are not commenting. >>> coming up next, how do you show off the star of a new movie when he's 100% computer generated? >> our first look at this massive dragon on tour promoting [[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter] and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the importan and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. with qualifying bundles. to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordabl
Dec 5, 2013 4:00am PST
! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal. down to a science. you're the reason we reformulated one a day women's. a complete multivitamin that now has extra b vitamins, which help convert food to energy. energy support for the things that matter. that's one a day women's. over the age of three have gum disease? so give your dog dentastix® as part of their oral care routine. dentastix® treats have a unique texture that's clinically proven to reduce up to 80% of tartar buildup. smile, it's dentastix® time! ♪ minds can achieve anything. we make sure they get to college. federal student aid provides more than 150 billion dollars in grants, loans, and work-study funds... make college possible for anyone with the mind to get there. because if given the chance, minds will do great things. federal student aid. proud sponsor of the american mind. learn more about money for college at >>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning at 4:28. >> cold enough for you? >> a little. >> a little bit.
Dec 9, 2013 4:00pm PST
nonprofit u.s. students rank 21 in science, 26th in math. apple launching new technology around the u.s. the new technology not tracking customers but sends a signal to iphones or ipad that's can pick up while in stores if enabling the setting. signal informed what products are looking at as they pass items in stores. and square launching a card reader that showing off the new, allegedly more accurate device. the former head of the accessory division is behind the new design that is 45% thinner. u.s. stocks closing higher today. your bloomberg silicon valley index also raising and perhaps like wasn't enough. facebook considering a sympathize button. according to huffington post it may be developing the sympathize button when like button just doesn't apply. from bloomberg world headquarters i'm cory johnson. dan, carolyn, i like and sympathize with you guys, all the way back here in new york. >> thank you very much. >> bay area sports fans can now own a piece of candle stick park history. if you want it, it's not going to be cheap. 49ers put seats on sale about an hour ago. the s
Dec 1, 2013 11:00pm PST
of those units. >> i think this is political theatre. >> uc berkeley political science professor steven weber says it really doesn't matter why they detained him. what matters is that he's now in north korea's custody. although no one is going to say out loud that's what it is, both sides know exactly that's what it is. >> how this will play out weber says is uncertain pop i do think there's some fatigue in washington, d.c. at providing concessions to the north koreans every time they kind of create some trouble, we give them something. >> kimberly, thank you. >> vice president joe biden has a week-long trip planned to asia this week, including a stop in south korea. this is video of him in panama two weeks ago. he plans to participate in a ceremony honoring u.s. troops who died during the korean war. there's no word at this point if he plans to discuss with anyone the arrest of merrill newman. there's a statement that asks for the release of merrill newman as well as kenneth bay, another american held in the communist country. we are following the story at nbc bay type in det
Dec 2, 2013 11:00am PST
. one said newman trained him. a political science professor says it does not matter why they detained him. what matters is that they did. >> what matters is that they now have a bargaining chip vis-a-vis the u.s. government. although no one's going to say outlewd that's what it is, i'm quite certain that both sides know exactly that's what it is. >> according to reuters, newman went to south korea twice in the past decade, but this was his first known trip to the north. >>> vice president joe biden will stop in south korea this week during his week-long visit to asia. as of now, there's no word whether he's discuss or meet with anyone regarding merrill newman and his arrest in north korea. the vice president plans to participate in a ceremony honoring u.s. troops who died during the korean war. over the weekend, the white house released a statement asking for the release of newman and kenneth bae, another american held in the communist country. >>> we have more on this story on our website at just search merrill newman. >>> people across the country recognize the progr
Dec 3, 2013 5:30pm PST
, china, scored the highest in math, reading, and science. american teens did not make the top 20. so we were surprised today to learn that the chinese are going to try something revolutionary. they're cutting back on home work. we asked seth doane to find out why. >> reporter: who's happy about not having home work? the reaction from these second graders was not surprising. a resounding show of support. the proposed changes means students in grades one through three would not be assigned home work. those in grades four through six would have less than an hour of home work a day. liu xiaojing teaches kindergarten in beijing's elementary school. "not giving home work leads more space for kids to grow" she told us. "students can develop freely and do what they enjoy doing." >> we can read books. >> reporter: ten-year-old daisey told us she might dance or draw. while 12-year-old charlie had something else in mind. >> playing football or playing basketball with my classmates. >> reporter: china puts heavy emphasis on standardize tests which prizes memorization over creativity. under the new
Dec 6, 2013 4:30am PST
your fingers to play puppeteer or get a science lesson. >> from a learning standpoint this is what gives you incredible detail and control and then uses your hand when it's appropriate or the keyboard when it's appropriate so you get that augmented experience. >> reporter: cooks will appreciate click n grow. these $80 smart planters take out the guesswork out of when to water fresh herbs. fill up the water, and in a couple of weeks you should see sprouts. there's also an optional grow light to help in the winter months when there's less natural light available. go to and click on the holiday gift guide for more. sumi das, kpix 5. >> honda created an airbag for cell phones a special case that fits any smartphone so when it's dropped six built-in airbags inside the case are deployed before it hits the ground. how about that? it's just a concept and honda has no plans to sell it. >> i could have used that a few months ago. i drop mine all the time. >>> 4:56. the bullet train from san francisco to l.a. may be back on track. how some are trying to take the brakes off the bay ar
Dec 9, 2013 4:30am PST
. >> this is computer science education week and it doesn't take a fancy computer to learn. there's tutorials that can be done online. >>> well some of americas most talented people were honored last night. >> singers with the body of work spanning decades were awarded in front of the president and the first lady. well that performance was in honor of carlos santana. could listen to that all day, he along with billy joel were recognized at the kennedy center honors event in washington d.c. president obama saluted the honorees. the show will air on the 29th on kpix5. >>> 4:56 right now. four u.s. presidents are headed to south africa to celebrate the life of fell san monday dell a. we'll have more on the special ceremonies planned for this week coming up. >>> just up, i'm bundled three layers down. >> people all over the bay area are shivering this morning, there's a freeze warning in effect through the day. >>> storms came out of know where. it just hit us. honestly. >> it hit us and then i'm slipping and sliding. >> commuters across the country are up against the elements this morning. snow and ice a
Dec 4, 2013 12:00am PST
that mediocrity is a realize. they showed u.s. students in the middle of the pack in reading and science. the pisa rankings were based on e tests of more than half a million 15-year-olds. the u.s. education secretary arnie duncan calling it stagnation. but before we talk about how to fix the problem, let's look deeper. there might be a lot less here than meets the eye. they're broken down in connecticut, florida, and massachusetts. in connecticut and massachusetts, two of the richest states in the union were students generally perform better than the worldwide average. the policy substitute said that america lags in social testing. if you were to correct for their massive income inequality, the performance is better than it appears. consider that the top issuer in all three categories was shanghai, a result that gave rise to headlines proclaiming china has having the smartest students. they are just 1.7% of china's population. country, essentially forces many of the children of poor workers to leave shanghai for high school. while testing was done three years ago in china's rural areas, the chines
Dec 4, 2013 2:30am PST
, the legislation does not go far enough. >> a few years ago these undetectible plastic guns were science fiction. they were the stuff of movies. now they're frighteningly real. it will be unimaginable for congress not to pass a strong law that closes the loopholes and bans these guns once and for all. >> the nra did not oppose the extension of the plastic gun ban but does oppose any expansion of it. >>> now to business. later this morning the adp's employment report will be out. in terms of stocks yesterday, all three major indices in negative territory. almost 100 points in the dow which is back below 16,000. it's the longest losing streak in two months. joining us now this is a treat, kayla. >> you have to say that. >> it is a treat when anyone from state side comes on our show. >> thank you, brian. well, our eyes turn again to washington because regulators are set to vote on a key portion of the dod-frank regulation next tuesday, december 10th. it's expected to be approved. the passing of the rule will mark an era of stricter oversight for wall street with a lot of restrictions on how banks c
Dec 2, 2013 5:00am PST
this is no science fiction. he says the service could be technically ready in four to five years. but bezos adds that u.s. aviation authorities will need to drop regulations for unmanned aircraft before such a service could get off the ground. >>> fast food chains in japan are coming up with new menus to attract more customers and boost profits. those chains are trying to win price-cutting competition and overcome rising costs stemming from the yen's decline. a conveyor belt sushi chain is one of them. it has started serving coffee, unusual for japanese sushi restaurants. more than 300 restaurants in the chain across the country have installed coffee machines. in some of them, coffee is served on a conveyor belt just like sushi. they plan to add a new dish of boiled beef and vegetables to its menu this week. it's priced at around $6, which is among the highest priced dishes. it's cut its earnings forecast for this fiscal year. the company says it will introduce value added meals to turn the business around. that's all for now in business. i'll leave you with the market figures. >>> haiku are sho
Dec 3, 2013 7:00am PST
and science. of the 34 developed countries involvedded in the study. u.s. ranked 26th in math, 21st in science and 17th in reading. that's despite the united states spending more for student than almost all other countries. the u.s. spends about $115,000 per student. the slovak republic spends about $53,000 a student. >>> no news may be good news for b.a.r.t. commuters. it's been ten day since the board asked union leaders to resubmit a revised contract without a disputed family leave provision. still no talk of the unions going on strike for the third time this year. it appears more and more likely that the unions will head to court to settle this contract dispute. >>> all right, pam. time about 7:12. a big meeting scheduled today on treasure island. why many people are being told they may have to pack up and move out of their homes. >>> devastating. >> a deadly shark attack in hawaii. >>> good morning. we're looking at a commute that's moderately heavy. as we look at 280 at the 880 interchange. you will see it's slow. coming up i will show you what the san mateo bridge looks like. >>> still
Dec 6, 2013 8:00pm PST
combined the latest breakthroughs in science straight from leading research centers with wisdom from the ages. >> knowing what you're really hungry for is the key to losing weight, enjoying more vitality and feeling more joy. >> announcer: join dr. deepak chopra and learn how to permanently lose weight, gain emotional well-being, and reduce the risks of dreaded
Dec 4, 2013 1:30am PST
. this chart shows, the level rise since the 1900s and the science is very clear, the sea level rise will occur, over the next 50 and 100 years, and a study found that for portland, sea level, it is expected to rise, between ten to 17 inches, by 2050 and between 31 to 69 inches by 2100. executed. and this proposed study represents the staff and a larger effort to address the sea level rise and bewe know that it will impact our property and far less is known about adaptation strategies. and the map here, is the sea wall from china basin north as you see as part of the embarcadero national district and the sea wall south appear 54 was constructed after the 1950s, and my poor attempt to show you where mission creek is located. and mission creek provides a really ideal location to study adaptation strategies because it is one of the lowest lying areas. and storm water run off from mission bay, also trains to mission creek and complicating future flooding events and this is an ideal place to study and this graphic shows the existing condition in green, and in red, the 2050 scenario, and with 15 inch
Dec 2, 2013 6:30am PST
to also teach our students, the workforce, that there is a new science -- repair, renewal, and rehabilitation. that's different from building something new. you cannot fix each and every crack in the city. it's like each city, you're talking about 3,000, 5,000 miles of pipe. so you have to prioritize where they can go and fix the system. narrator: each city faces unique situations, so they must determine the asset management approach that best addresses these challenges. inspections can be done with various technologies, often by a robot... or personally by a technician on a bicycle. sensors detect breaks, cracks, and weaknesses in the pipe. man: we have roots at this cap lateral at 79. narrator: tree roots can grow into the pipe, splitting it apart. man: more light roots at 69. narrator: sometimes they may even find fully collapsed sections. after gathering the data, utilities can assess the need for rehabilitation. sinha: you have to choose the rehabilitation technique so that the life of the pipe can be extended 30 years, 40 years, 50 years. allbee: any asset has an opt
Dec 2, 2013 5:00pm EST
at 6:00 stop -- at 6:00. workers were injured in a hazmat incident. the science wing was evacuated. say two staffls members were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be ok. howard county firefighters are investigating what caused a two alarm townhouse fire. news chopper seven flew over that scene of the unoccupied home in clarksville. traffic in the area was blocked as the crews worked to get the fire under control. it spread to an adjoining townhouse and caused damage. one firefighter sustained minor injuries, but was not hospitalized. the red cross is now helping six displaced people. >> we are checking traffic on this monday. right now, we are looking at volume areas -- volume delays around the area. the heaviest traffic on the inner loop through bethesda- silver spring. our latest incident on route one, a crash there. that should be out of the roadway. otherwise, just volume delays along the freeways. i-95 southbound, slow in several stretches between newington and woodbridge and beyond. a crash reported along the right side of the roadway. plenty of volume today on 66 out in
Dec 5, 2013 4:00am EST
. down to a science. you're the reason we reformulated one a day women's. a complete multivitamin that now has extra b vitamins, which help convert food to energy. energy support for the things that matter. that's one a day women's. over the age of three have gum disease? so give your dog dentastix® as part of their oral care routine. dentastix® treats have a unique texture that's clinically proven to reduce up to 80% of tartar buildup. smile, it's dentastix® time! >>> checking our stop stories -- the deep freeze gripping half of the country is getting worse today, as snow moves into the south. temperatures in the rockies and dakotas dip into sub zero territory. >>> a widespread hack of facebook, twitter and gmail accounts may still be happening. >>> and workers in 100 u.s. cities are staging another day of protest today. they're demanding a $15 an hour minimum wage and the right to unionize. >>> aside from the cold, rain and snow in new mexico and arizona. a band of snow from oklahoma to ohio. heavy rain from texas to tennessee. wet in virginia. freezing rain for northern new
Dec 6, 2013 5:00pm EST
the rejections. >> i was happy to hear the consultants say that it's an art and not a science. i think it's totally illogical. >> the commission will announce its final decision coming up there he soon, december 20. a number of people have been following this all along said today that they were star and that this decision was anything other than mgm. brad bell, abc 7 news. foroming up, a warning anyone who spent time at one of the nation's largest military installations and their children after a warning from the cdc. >> heating up in the high-stakes battle to become the new home of the fbi. a retailers taking notice of trend, spending big bucks on toys even though they don't have children. >> sam ford will have some of the recollections avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero fi
Dec 6, 2013 11:00am EST
of which sold out in about six minutes. forget self control, science is to blame with why people can't turn down chocolate. in pisa, italy they found some people are hard wired to love the taste of chocolate. the reason is that for some people their brain's pleasure center is set into a state of euphoria when they eat chocolate. all other people's brains barely register the taste. tributes continue to pour in for nelson mandela. from the funeral a rangements to the street side memorials. how they're remembering the former leader. you can see all the color on radar. we will show you the radar and the latest timeline on when and what to expect in the weekend. you can look at the sky and see we have nasty weather out there. after the military. how a local organization is >> i cherish the idea of a new south africa where all south africans are equal. >> that was nelson mandela on april 27th, 1994. that was the day he was elected south africa's president. april 27th is now a national holiday there. today many south africans gathered outside mandela's home to mourn and celebrate the life of the m
Dec 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
this looks like science fiction. it's not. >> reporter: amazon's jeff bazos unveiled its experimental delivery drones, prime air. amazon hopes within the next four to five years to deliver up to 5-pound packages in a half hour to anywhere within 10 miles of a warehouse had. >> these are autonomous. you give them instructions which gps coordinates to go to and they fly to those gps coordinates. >> reporter: wusa9 has actually had one of these drones for about a year, but we've been unable to really use it, both because of legal restrictions and because of d.c.'s no-fly zone. amazon would have to deal with the faa's drone restrictions and then there are questions about safety. can you imagine one of those 5- pound packages dropping right on your head? and then there are questions of privacy. imagine if you had a drone flying over your head looking in your windows. aviation experts say it is doable and the faa tells me it is committed to the safe, efficient and timely integration of unmanned aircraft into the nation's airspace. but it is not allowed now and it will likely be 2015 before
Dec 1, 2013 9:00pm EST
in, my right hon. friends the business secretary and the science minister have also put in a huge amount of work, the enterprise zone is working well and it has attracted over 20 high-tech companies. pfizer is now staying, with 700 jobs as well. it has been a success and it shows that if you work together with the private sector, you can get good results like this. >> the disability benefits consortium of over 50 charities has signed a letter to the secretary of state for work and pensions calling for immediate action to exempt disabled people from the bedroom tax. why on earth do the prime minister and his government refuse to listen? >> obviously, what we have done is to exempt disabled people who need an extra room. this does, i think, come back to a basic issue of fairness, which is this people in private sector rented accommodation who get housing benefit do not get a subsidy for spare rooms, whereas people in council houses do get a subsidy for spare rooms. that is why it was right to end it, and it is right to end it thinking of the 1.8 million people in our country on hous
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